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What is Nowhere|nowhere?


NoWhere | NowHere is a production company that aims at creating a bridge between the excellency of the Off and Off-Off Broadway theatre scene and the new wave of Italian filmmaking to introduce a new cultural business model that makes theatre financially independent and thriving through new aesthetic elements of cinematography.


The Product

NoWhere|NowHere wonders about the production structure that not only makes theatre-making possible but financially sustainable and thriving.
By borrowing from elements of the film-making business model, NoWhere|NowHere introduces on the market a new type of theatre experiencing through film distribution.

NW|NH adds to a theatre run the filming of the play adapted for the camera.
Our rules are:
1) No audience during the filming process - so greater freedom for framing and the movement of the camera
2) Camera acting - the adaptation from a media of words (theatre) to a media of images (film)
3) Film Lighting - with a singular location (the Black Box of the theatre) we will craft an attentive poetics of lighting to create a certain type of surrealist storytelling.

Our bet is that by enlarging the costs of theatrical productions to include the filming process, however keeping filming costs low with respect to standard movie budgets, we will complement the income generated by the play with the income of distributing the movie.

NoWhere|NowHere believes that the film coming out of the theatrical process will be visually stunning and it will soon become a new way of archiving and distributing theatre.

On the other hand, we believe that the new aesthetics of film-making imposed by heavily adopting theatre elements and visuals for the camera, will establish a new frontier for film-making: instead of visual effects, the heavy inclusion on screen of the participatory imagination of the audience which gives lead to a collaborative immersion of the audience in relation with the screen.

NW|NH also believes that, as the interdisciplinary crossing between theatre-making and film-making is enriching both arts, so the cultural crossing between New York theatre-making and Italian film-making is key. Off and Off Broadway theatre makers meet the new wave of young Italian film-making in a cultural exchange that is economically sound and yields higher margin of income by appealing to distribution both in Europe and America.



My dream for a better theatre is for theatre to grow stronger in its own form: for it to be inventive, for it to have individualistic defiance, for it to be authentic and free, non belligerent but uncompromising, to step forward into its own self respect, for it to find its own voice and have the power of its own agency, for it to shock you, electrify you, make you question yourself and your beliefs. People should walk out of the theatre differently than how they entered.

I undoubtedly believe that theatre, in its better form, can be all of this and I set myself to an irreverent quest to find how to make it.


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About Me

MY NAME IS Adriana...

...and I'm an international theatre artist. I was born in Mexico from Brazilian parents and I grew up in Italy. I’ve lived in NYC for the past 6 years. My favorite NY credit is “NoWhere|NowHere”,  a devised play about the role of the immigrant artist which I co-created and co-produced (TheaterLab) with other international actresses and long time friends and collaborators Samantha Hoefer (German, Polish) and Mouna Rmiki (Moroccan, French). The play was developed under the leadership of John Gould Rubin and Kat Yen. 

I'm Director of Development, managing member and resident actress for John Gould Rubin's The Private Theatre, a non-profit theatre company that aims at revolutionizing the aesthetics of American Theatre. I’m a board member and company actress for Vieve Price's TEA, an artistic company grounded in the Insight Method for conflict resolution that engages in theatre for social justice. Last but not least,  I’m Artistic Associate to Valeria Orani’s Umanism in The Italian American Playwrights Project, a program that seeks to create a cultural exchange of contemporary playwrights in the US and in Italy. 

I graduated from The Stella Adler Studio, but some of my additional training include The Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London and NIDA in Sydney, Australia. 

Before coming to New York I attended Bocconi University (Milan, Italy) where I earned a Bachelor in International Economics, Management and Finance. While at Bocconi university, I was a permanent member of the Bocconi Theatre company, and co-founder of the Bocconi International Theatre Group. Recent credits include A Doll House (Marble House artistic residency) and There's Something About America (a stage reading at The Actors Studio). My interviews to Belarus Free Theatre, Title:Point and FlucT have been published by The Creators Project (Vice Media).